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Another K-60 Question??

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  • Another K-60 Question??

    Everyone (ok mostly Rick) talks about how versatile the K-60 is and can be used for any drain up to 6". My question is can you set it on a counter top if needed and snake a lav drain going through the pop-up assembly using the 5/8" cable? or do you have to try and get yourself, along with the machine in the base cabinet or do you have to rig up a extension? Or is the K-60 to large of a machine to even think about using on smaller drains and instead use the K-39 or a K-50 that uses smaller cables?
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    Re: Another K-60 Question??

    Simply put, no a K-60 with 5/8" cable is too big to go down through the pop up assembly.

    Use the K-39AF with either 5/16" or 3/8" cable. Nice machine for sink drains.
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      Re: Another K-60 Question??

      A K-50 with one of the canisters (5/16" or 3/8") will do the trick through the PO or a K-50 (or K-60) and 5/8" cable with the trap dropped below the sink. The 5/8" cable will always do a better job of cleaning than a smaller cable.

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        Re: Another K-60 Question??

        The question is pretty much anserwed(can't spell tonight) but another item for consideration; I never place my draincleaning equipment on a counter when ever possible. This is often a place where food is prepared and only a small smidgen of sewer water is needed to make someone sick. That was one big reason why I liked the k40. The machine could be placed on the ground and the tube would be right at the strainer. The 5/8" sectional however, will do a far better job, espicially(see what I mean) on grease.
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          Re: Another K-60 Question??

          the 5/8'' cable with the bulb auger will go through a 1.5'' trap. but you also have the pop up ball and rod to compete with.

          it's always nice to keep the sink intact so you can use the water to help judge when you cleared the line and also help to wash away the muck.

          depending on the stoppage, hair or grease, the k-39 with the bulb end will also get through the ball and rod and trap.

          typically when i have a lav i will use the k-39. when i have a c/o i will use the k-50 or k-60. i have done plenty of shower traps with the 5/8'' and bulb head.

          the larger the cable and cutter, the more thorough you will clean the line.

          the 5/8'' in a shower/ tub is easy to control and will wash very clean once you clear the stoppage.

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