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K-60 Tale of Woe

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  • K-60 Tale of Woe

    I thought I would give everyone a laugh at my expense.

    I bought my K-60 a few weeks ago (K-60 SP-SE). I found it for a good price so said I'm going for it

    I'm a sectional machine virgin by the way and rarely read instructions....

    I did take it out in the back yard and give it a few test runs to build my confidence ( wow this is great).

    It has been riding in the back of my truck waiting the perfect job to try it out on...

    Job late yesterday was the perfect fit, whole house blockage so I went ahead and told the owner I would give it a shot... Looking back that was my mistake...

    No ground level cleanout so I said what the heck I will hit the vent with my 60... Sooooooo off I go and get everything set ( big difference running the 60 on the roof vurses flat ground, vent was within 3 foot of roof edge)

    Things were going along grand and I thought it would be a good idea to feed and attach sections of cable from the rear and let them hang off the edge of the roof in the guide.... I'm just gonna say not a good idea

    I finally manage to get my act together and feed the 5 sections of cable I have into the vent.... to bad I could not reach the blockage The extra 4 sections of cable are on order and will be in next week...

    Getting the cable out was fun..... Does the term it "looks like 2 monkey's f***ing a football" excepth the only monkey was me...

    Long story short, I called a buddy who hit the blockage at just over 100' and got it clear...

    I really have some practicing to do....
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    Re: K-60 Tale of Woe

    Sounds like a wonderful day.
    On the brite side, look how much you learned NOT to do in just one job
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      Re: K-60 Tale of Woe

      Don't get fustrated, once you see how easy it is you'll learn to love it.
      Buy cheap, buy twice.


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        Re: K-60 Tale of Woe

        I will give a Drum machine one plus over the K-60... I handle the cable alot less with a drum machine ( Hands and clothes stay cleaner)...