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K-60 had to sit down for this one

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    Re: K-60 had to sit down for this one

    Originally posted by All Clear Sewer View Post
    I would say moving from C/O to C/O, Roots,Mud and locating some of the C/O`s played a big part in the time factor.
    The old K-7500 doesn't feed near as fast as the new one.
    I would also say the 103 heat has played a part in how fast things were moving.

    You kinda disappointed me Rick as I just knew you were gonna call BS
    on being able to run 125` out and back in every 14 minute`s
    it's all a math formula and past experience. that's what a bid or estimate is all based on.

    the variables were the 2nd. man and machine. the skipping of 75% of the c/o openings.

    knowing what it takes to move a machine with power cords 300 times was my big concern.

    still you made good time

    get the jetter working and a good root nozzle. you'll be even faster and have a cleaner line

    phoebe it is


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      Re: K-60 had to sit down for this one

      Yea I really gotta find the time to take that head off so I can get it back to working. I may just become a jetter man if It will run a good root nozzle. The builder is working with me so just maybe we`ll get it figured out.
      If I could have cut the roots with the jetter on that job, it would have been a one day job