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K-60 With 7/8" cables

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  • K-60 With 7/8" cables

    How many of you use 7/8"cables on kit.sink and laundry lines through the roof vent?I do often.Or what size/attachtment do you like?
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    Re: K-60 With 7/8" cables

    If the line is pvc, I have no problem going through the vent or a cleanout if there are few turn. I'll stick with the straight auger. Since I got the k50, I haven't used the 5/8 with the k60 since. It's easier to grab the 50 than change the cable size on the 60.
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      Re: K-60 With 7/8" cables

      if it's a 2'' vent, i'll use 7/8'' with a bent auger end.

      1.5'' use a 5/8'' with bent auger.

      yes the k-50 is lighter, but the k-60 is much more stable on a sloped roof and easier to secure to the roof than the 50

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        Re: K-60 With 7/8" cables

        IF i ever get a K-60 it'll be used with 7/8 canle on those spots i cant/won't use my 75. the 50 is my "medium" machine.

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