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K60 7/8 cable question

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  • K60 7/8 cable question

    Does Ridgid sell repair couplings to repair the 7/8 cable or shorten in my case.
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    Re: K60 7/8 cable question

    They do sell end coupling but it has to be repaired in the tight wind section. I'll let Rick tell you what to do with the cable, don't want to steal his thunder.
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      Re: K60 7/8 cable question

      the one time i damaged a cable was in a 2'' line with a trap

      the 7/8'' connectors were too tight to pull it back out.

      i snapped it off at the connector and cable. all i did was grind off the tack weld and screw it back on. tacked it and it's been fine ever since.

      they do have replacement ends for both the male and female ends. but you need to still have the tight wind on it. so basically it's only the first 6'' that can be repaired.

      my best secret weapon cable is now my 12' long 7/8'' section of k-60 cable. i had to break off this cable on a job.

      the cable is a reverse wind of the t101 auger. so for it to cut and grab, you need to run the cable in a reverse direction.

      all i can say is, this cable has caught the big fish and none have gotten away. although you're not suppose to run the cables in reverse, i've never had an issue.

      here are a couple of recent photos of my cable catch with just an open wind end that i heated, turned out and sharpened. then heat treated with an oil quenching.

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