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    Re: K-60 Questions

    Originally posted by MrsSeatDown View Post
    Why not call your credit card company and alert them so they don't put the charge through?
    Also, let them know what the amount will be so they can stop it too and might be easier to find the transaction if and when the company tries to run it through. If a company is named XYZ, the name that shows up on the credit card statement might be ABC because XYZ is owned by ABC or something like that.

    If you call the CC company and say, "Don't authorize a transaction from XYZ" but if the company ABC runs it, they might not catch it in time. Just a thought. I'm sure it'll work out and they will cancel it, but just a thought

    Good luck on the situation!
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      Re: K-60 Questions

      Originally posted by OkieBill View Post
      I went shopping online for various cutters and heads for a couple of my ridgid machines and had a hard time finding them all at one place...


      I ended up @ Alexandria General Supply ( Not an endorsement as I just placed the order

      Where are you guys getting your cables, cutters, heads ect?

      Anybody have a one stop shop? for your K-60 and drum machine goodies?

      I get my stuff from cable center out of saint Louis they got everything for any type machine and they get it to you most times the next day so I don't have to keep as meany repair parts as I used to I just keep a few spares but not like I used to