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K-60 handle hard to depress?

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  • K-60 handle hard to depress?

    Hey Folks, I'm new here.........but been in the trade for 34 years.

    Well anyway, I noticed that it's getting harder to depress the handle on my K60.....I have greased the fitting with no results........have you ever had this issue before?

    Thanks for your time...

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    Re: K-60 handle hard to depress?

    Take it a part and look for rust on the cable clamp area, possible dirt or rocks also.
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      Re: K-60 handle hard to depress?

      The same a Cuda plus check the jaws make sure there not wore to bad on top or bottom or grooved on inside. See what Rick say's


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        Re: K-60 handle hard to depress?

        here is the parts link

        check for dirt/ debris around the clutch. but this will also cause the cable to slip and not grip.
        also check for rust around the sleeve bearing and the rack assembly.

        it's a prettty simple design when you take the shroud and frame off.

        the 2 main bearings are all i've ever had to replace. the clutch is still the original and i bought this used 2 years ago.

        phoebe it is


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          Re: K-60 handle hard to depress?

          Hey, thanks for the replys fellas........once I get a little break, I'll tear into that sucka.........I'll repost and let ya know what I found....Hell, at 51..I'ts hard enough for me just to get it back on the truck, when I'm done using it...

          EDIT, here's what I did.

          Broke down the machine and found that the grease fitting would not let the grease get by it....removed the shaft/rack a found it built up with crud......cleaned it and the sleeve bearing. good to go now.

          Although the Pulley assembly was hard to get off, I assume they are just pressed on like that.
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