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Ridgid K-60 with Drum Adapter

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  • Ridgid K-60 with Drum Adapter

    Several people have asked about this so.....

    Here's a quick YouTube video I made with the K-60 coupled with the A-17 drum adapter

    Ridgid doesn't show the A-17 as one of the options for the k60 in the cataloge (I don't know why) It fits perfectly and does a decent job. I migrated from using the k50 to the K60. I already had the drum adapter with 5/16", 3/8" and 5/8" cables so the change was easy for me. I'm an occasional tub/lavy stoppage guy so the need to spend a few hundred bucks on a new K-39 wasn't justified. I tried, but the wife said no new machines anyway! If I was doing more stoppages the K39 would definately be added to my arsenal.

    The drum does add some weight to an already heavy machine especially with 3/8" x 35' cable installed. When using the 5/16" I prefer a stiff innercore as opposed to a bendy cable. The Ridgid C1 hollow core is too springy when operating at 600 RPMs. She'll flip over on ya before you can stop her.

    I keep it stored in the upright position as shown in the pic. This way, all the water is drained from the drum after each use and no rusting of the cables. Just gotta be careful when carrying the machine out that you don't drip any goop on the carpet.
    Click image for larger version

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    Re: Ridgid K-60 with Drum Adapter

    Does the clutch hold the cable tight enough, or does it slip back into the drum? Just curious.....


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      Re: Ridgid K-60 with Drum Adapter

      The clutch doen't actually touch the cable itself, it only grabs the drum thingy that squeezes the cable


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        Re: Ridgid K-60 with Drum Adapter

        Alrighty. Does the jaws squeeze down on the 5/16 cable tight enough to make 1 1/2 traps? Or does the cable slip past the jaws back into the drum? If it can hold the cable tight, I may just have to try one............


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          Re: Ridgid K-60 with Drum Adapter

          Yes, it squeezes down on the cable same as a K50 would. I haven't noticed any slipping of cable as of yet. This job in the video was through a 100 year old 1 1/2" galv pipe and cast iron 90's. Pretty crusty on the inside and had no problem pushing through. 1-1/2" tub traps are not a problem for me either. Controlling the speed is really the biggest issue I find, so I tend to 'pump' the clutch more. Some guys like to run cables at full speed, I prefer to take a slower approach.


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            Re: Ridgid K-60 with Drum Adapter

            That's a workers K-60.A little clorox spray-wash will help a little.Thanks for posting that video.One day,I might learn how.
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              Re: Water pipes

              Originally posted by sqlcdzx
              I am thinking about buying some wholesale water pipes from this company in China
              but I am not sure if they are legal to bring in to the states? What are the laws on water pipes, bongs, and pipes?

              Hey FU you peorian bastard! Be gone!

              I nominated this thread
              because it shows/proves that in the end,
              if you want it done,
              it's coming out of a drum.
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