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K60 Handle Problems

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  • K60 Handle Problems

    My handle on the k-60 won't ride back up by itself. Not sure that it ever did really but it seems it should spring back like my old k50 did. I greased it and checked the tention on the belt- all good. Pulled and cleaned the jaws. No problems found. It moves up and down easily but doesn't pop back up like I think it should.

    What's wrong?

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    Re: K60 Handle Problems

    I checked them. Both in place


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      Re: K60 Handle Problems

      Thanks Jim,

      I didn't think to check the pinion shaft. Isn't the idler cone and clutch jaw on the back end?

      I still had same problem when the clutch jaw assembly was off the machine. Maybe I'll check the belt tension again


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        Re: K60 Handle Problems

        Did a search and found this on another thread........

        Originally posted by Flowofmoney View Post
        EDIT, here's what I did.

        Broke down the machine and found that the grease fitting would not let the grease get by it....removed the shaft/rack a found it built up with crud......cleaned it and the sleeve bearing. good to go now.

        Although the Pulley assembly was hard to get off, I assume they are just pressed on like that.


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          Re: K60 Handle Problems

          I broke the K60 down today and found the exact same problem as FlowofMoney.

          The shaft was all gummed up from either not enough grease or maybe the wrong kind of grease It was all sticky and created some friction on the shaft. Cleaned everything with mineral spirits and reassembled. The pully assembly was a ***** to get off, too.

          I'm glad I did this because in the process I found the motor pulley set screw had come loose and was about to fall out. Going to keep my eye on that one. The hardest part was reattaching the 2 extention springs. Made good use of an old roach clip

          From start to finish took about 45 mins. If I ever have to do it again the process will go much faster.


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            Re: K60 Handle Problems

            roach clip?!

            My fingers are still stained dark brown from the years of hard times where we had good times.

            Trust me, that makes sense. Click image for larger version

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              Re: K60 Handle Problems

              bill, i missed this one last night

              but big jim isn't big for no reason

              good job jim

              pulling the bearing is fun.

              i hope you used locktight on the shaft as required

              both bearings and the sleeve bearing.

              i also found that a squirt of wd40 down the rear end/ adjustment cap is a good way to avoid water rusting and seizing the bearing.

              my k-60 was bought over 3 years ago, used on ebay and i've put it through the paces. my other 2 are keeping comfy in their padded home. although 1 did make a cameo for my milk shake video

              2- $15.00 bearings and a squirt of grease is all i've put into the machine

              good job on the fix

              phoebe it is