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Bought a K-60, what else?

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  • Bought a K-60, what else?


    After reading all of the reviews on the K60 we went ahead and decided to grab one today, we had enough dragging our 250 pound drum machines into basements.

    We picked up 10 sections of C-10, 7/8" cable, so we have 150' in total.

    My question should I start with 15' of IC cable?
    Are you you guys using a leader also to start when using the IC setup?
    Any info is appreciated, we just want to make sure we grab the proper stuff.

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    Re: Bought a K-60, what else?

    You will love the k-60!

    I always start with the first cable (or two) with General innercore cable! then the rest are the regular open wind cable.

    I do have 75' of general inncore cable for those super heavy root stoppages! i have found myself using the all inncore cables much more lately. They seem to just grind away at the root stoppage. I have also gotten drains open with the all innercore cables that a buddy of mine could not get open with the regular open wind cables.

    Never need a leader......and remember the spiral root saw is an awesome cutter!!


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      Re: Bought a K-60, what else?

      I don't use the innercore because we don't have many 6" mains here. Residential mains are 4" all the way to the street.

      I have about 45' of 5/8" cable and think it would be a good idea to get some more of it. But 150' of 7/8" is enough - code says we need cleanouts every 100'.

      Two things that are good to have are the four-blade cutters - the 2-blades just hang up; and some root saws. Those are the best.


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        Re: Bought a K-60, what else?

        Ya I know what u mean. Here in canada the cleanouts r in the basements and i nearly broke my back falling down the stairs dragging that 250 pound monster around. After that i wanted to burn that thing. Now i bought the k-60 and life is so much easier. I took that drum machine and threw it in the red river.


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          Re: Bought a K-60, what else?

          I know exactly what you mean. Another plumber friend who uses the drum machine dragged me to the gym and got me onto a routine to get stronger. We started with deadlifts and squats every 2nd day. After my last visit to the chiro he told me to either end my career or change things. Know I'm thanking god that I have 2nd chance at my love of drain cleaning. Thank you Mr K-60.


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            Re: Bought a K-60, what else?

            To be serious the drum machine is good if u have the strength of brock lesnar. Ive been cleaning drains for years and the last drain i did it was such a pain getting the machine downstairs i told the homeowner merry christmas you have just received a free drum machine. Hes like whats the catch and i said the catch is i dont have to drag this pig back upstairs! See ya


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              Re: Bought a K-60, what else?

              nothing wrong with a drum machine

              but overall, the k-60 does the same job or better

              i know from 20+ years of drums and 3 years of sectionals. the sectionals for me are overall faster and easier to get around.

              sure a drum with a c/o right on flat ground outside the truck is fast. but in reality the majority of my jobs are not a simple c/o access.

              i know i get more production from my k-60 than i do from my drum when i take all the job access issues into account.

              3 years and hundreds of sectional jobs later, is a pretty good basis to judge my opinion on

              do i miss my drums

              in 3 years i only took it out 1 time for a whole day job cleaning c/o's at a large condo project. needed to run 100' from multiple c/o's.

              but not every job is a production job. the k-60 is up and running much faster than a drum.

              there is not 1 job i can think of that a k-60 won't get to. there are plenty of jobs a drum can't get to.

              glad that everyone has enjoyed their k-60.

              phoebe it is