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K60 saves me time again

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    Re: K60 saves me time again

    Originally posted by plumberscrack View Post
    We had our choice of at least 5 different machines and jetters from Ridgid headquarters but we absconded with the K-50 I don't remember why It worked out fine in the end AND we had a blast
    Be cause Rick was adamant about grabbing the k50 for this job.
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      Re: K60 saves me time again

      ah, the good old round up video.

      of all the time the to have a stoppage. coming home from dinner with the "a-team" in josh's van.

      remember that the school house had lots of different equipment to chose from, but we couldn't find a complete k-60 in the room we looked in. this was sort of a classroom, autopsy room. lots of bits and pieces on the shelves.

      i remember that it was a very hot and humid night. we even stopped by the water company that josh's uncle? owns. and then the car fire on the freeway we saw on the way back.

      how many times did aaron and joey call looking for us, thinking we ditched them

      note to all roundup attendees. make sure to pair up with the a-team so you don't miss all the fun and the apple pie

      note to josh's parents. expect 50 for the next stoppage


      p.s. adam is officially qualified to run the sectionals now. i'll entertain the family next time
      phoebe it is