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k-60 vs electric eel model n

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  • k-60 vs electric eel model n

    is the k 60 sectional a better alternative for inside and roof top drain cleaning been using a model n all my life its okay for me but reading here the k 60 sounds pretty neat i will be looking to replace soon and was just wanting some proffessional opinions as electric eel machines are all ive ever used model c n s and ej1500

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    i apologize i thought i was in the drain cleaning discussion. sometimes i'm not qualified to think. that is where i meant for you to post. you will get a lot more views there. sorry breid................


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      Re: k-60 vs electric eel model n

      i just looked at the specs of the model n electric eel.

      interesting concept that it's a drum with 1/2'' x 100' capicty or 75' of 5/8'' sectional.

      lust looking at the specs and 1/3 horsepower. i would compare it to a k-50 and not the mighty k-60

      the k-60 can easily open up a 4'' line with roots. and with innercore cable, it does 6''.

      keep in mind it's a true sectional machine and there is no real drum option. 15' sections are easily added and i can easily carry the machine in 1 hand and 90' of 7/8'' cable (15' innercore / 75 open core) and 50' extension cord, cutters and gloves. i can carry the cable/ machine up and down stairs and also up a ladder onto a roof. of course on a ladder i need to carry the machine seperate from the 90' of cable. i might be superman, but i'm not stupid

      i think you'll find the adjustment to the k-60 sectional pretty straight forward and will soon learn to love it like the rest of us k-60 users

      you're in florida, i think there are plenty of k-60 users there as the mass of ebay sales come from florida.

      phoebe it is