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  • Anybody interested?

    SOLD! Thanks Jeff!

    Last edited by ThrottleVMS; 02-08-2010, 03:39 PM. Reason: SOLD

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    Re: Anybody interested?

    Post some pictures if you can. Someone might be interested.

    All Clear Sewer might take it sight unseen.



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      Re: Anybody interested?


      i got first dibs

      i'll send you my email

      phoebe it is


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        Re: Anybody interested?

        Sorry Rick I bet 100 other guys sent him payment via paypal already *grins*
        Ron Hasil Lic #058-160417
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          Re: Anybody interested?

          Originally posted by ThrottleVMS View Post
          First time posting, but long time lurker!! Great site here been on here for quite a while and learned a great deal of info. People on this site seem really helpful and just down right good people!

          Well I have a K60 I got off a guy a year ago for a job I did. Never really had much use for it, it's been sitting in the garage this whole time. Gave me some cables along with it as well. Don't remember what shape the cables where in, I'd have to dig them out. I do remember him telling me it had some new teeth. If anyone is interested, I could take some pictures of everything in a couple days. Don't really know what this thing goes for either, I was thinking maybe around $400 plus shipping. let me know what you guys think. Thanks
          Send me a pm. include some pics and it might be sold


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            Re: Anybody interested?

            Just curious, why did you buy a k60 in the first place?
            Buy cheap, buy twice.


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              Re: Anybody interested?

              Plumber Rick, sent you an email but there was a couple guys that sent me a pm first. I will still send some pics though.

              Gear Junkie, I never said I bought it, it was used towards a payment for a job I did. Another plumber was in a nightmare job and needed some major help. Make a long story short, we were there a few days and he didn't have the funds to pay.

              To everyone, Thanks for the interest. Didn't think I'd get these much feedback since I'm new to the forum. Thanks

              I'll post the pics up on here as soon as I get them.