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How to keep the job site clean with a K60

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    Re: How to keep the job site clean with a K60

    Northern Tool Blanket. It is NOT very absorbent if that's what someone wants.



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      Re: How to keep the job site clean with a K60

      Here's a good tip for ya.
      When I run my 1 1/4 eel cable and the line if full of sludge and running water to clear a stubborn clog. Or cable is coming back muddy and nasty.
      Besides the tarp. I use electrical tape and tape my shop vac hose just under the lip of the clean out. Help suck off most of the muck as I retrieve cable from sewer.
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        Re: How to keep the job site clean with a K60

        Originally posted by Dicat View Post
        Do you use a front guide pipe? Tarps? Tape and cardboard? Are you using a tire for the cable, if so what size?

        If you have pictures please post, it would be awesome to see your setups.

        I'm using 4 - 15' long 1.25" ID PVC spa hoses taped together with PVC caps on back end and 1-1/2" X 1-1/4" fernco couplings on the front. Pop the fernco on the back of the K-60 and you're ready to go. Bring the cables in already loaded into the tubes. Carry them out the same way. Slide the ferco's down and pop another cap on the front to prevent any residual death juice from dripping out.

        I'll have a photo once I have the finished product done. Still in Beta testing right now. I may switch materials for the tube (liquidtite maybe, but it's expesive). The flexibility of the spa tubing leaves a little to be desired.

        I also have a couple single hoses for the k-50.


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          Re: How to keep the job site clean with a K60

          I use a piece of 2" or 3" pvc to extend the tube long enuff to get the 15' sections out piece by piece. I always use hot water from a faucet or directly from the HWH to wash the cable down. Its only the grease lines that are impossible to pull out a clean cable from. Then it stinks up your sprinter for weeks while dropping off little white balls of dried up grease. Haha. I use a cloth, sponge or old bristle broom to prevent the FLING from getting all over. I always spin while pulling cable out and running hot water. Love the K-60 and its been great for the 12 yrs I've owned it. No repairs and no broken cables.