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Drum Adapters for K60/K50

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  • Drum Adapters for K60/K50

    Can the US-sold K60 run the A-17-A and A-17-B drums that are usually sold with the K50?
    -like those shown in the European Catalogs.

    The model number and catalog numbers are the same for both the K60/K50 and are identical in both US and European catalogs.


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    Re: Drum Adapters for K60/K50

    yes but the power of the k-60 is too much for comfort.

    bill/ plumbercrack has been dong it for years.

    personally, i'm not a fan of the drum adapters. i stick with my k-39.

    phoebe it is


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      Re: Drum Adapters for K60/K50

      As soon as I got my K60 home I tried the 3/8 cable drum I bought with the K50 as I like clearing blocked smaller plumbing fixtures without removing the trap so I used the K39 and put it on a stand that I made up for easy use and rotates at 450 rpm which did the job getting around the trap easely the K40 rotates at 270 rpm and was a total distaster the K50 rotates at 400 rpm and just does the job but the K60 which rotates at 600 rpm is the holy grail for sinks etc and the varity of cable sizes is remarkable guess what I will be useing to clear secondary drains.


      Ridgid why are 5/8 incore cables unavailable
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