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  • k 60 repairs

    have had ny machine for20 plus years most of my work is new construction with some service work so the machine has not been used too hard however i am experiencing some problems
    went to use it yesterday would not turn the cable had just used it a week ago no problem
    i have replaced the clutch in the past i have noticed over the last few years the machine seems to be getting weaker when it hits something hard it wont turn cable too many hard root jobs?
    saw plumber ricks postr about a clutch alignment but couldnt quite understand it i dont see any adjustment screws on my machine mind you i have the old movie projector style not the k60s
    any help would be appreciated or some pictures

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    Re: k 60 repairs

    just had a call on this tonight from another plumber with the same issue.

    i'm not 100% sure about the older suitcase k-60, but if it's anything like the modern k-60 the problem is in the bearing. it's either rusted, frozen or damaged and too much play.

    take the cover off and check the drive pulley and idler pulley for play and stiffness.

    also turn the belt pulley and see if it's a seized motor.

    my best guess are the 2 bearings i mentioned. but i don't believe i have a parts breakdown for the suitcase machine. still should be similar in drive design.

    phoebe it is