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K-60/K60 - Problem, broken jawset bands

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  • K-60/K60 - Problem, broken jawset bands


    Any experience with this issue?

    After one or two recent uses I've again just bent or broken the stainless steel triangular band that holds the jaws together.

    This K-60 is rarely used and has been properly maintained since being purchased new 7 years ago.

    (The K-1500 is our primary go to tool....and, a fine one it is. However, it has it limitations in some situations when it's a minor, 3" or 4" drain cleaning, and there's just one of us available to head down a set of basement stairs on short notice.)

    In the first instance last year this band tore itself apart completely. It was replaced under warranty, as I understand that there had been a known manufacturing weakness in some past batches from Ridgid's supplier with an issue of the rivets not holding properly.

    Our personal, current thesis is that some kinked cables might be the culprit in causing the jaws to become misaligned when being thread through, as the collet cone needs an occasional loosening then tightening to get past these kinks. However, the service technician and sales representative don't share that opinion.

    If so, my thinking is that a better design is needed as just one aluminum rivet holding each jaw becomes a single and weak pivot point leading to damage.

    I welcome any direct experience or knowledge you've had with this issue, Ridgid support or field user.

    Much appreciated,

    Dave Hutchison, PipeTech Solutions Inc. / 519.679.3800
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    Never had this issue. Are you using genuine ridgid or a knockoff brand?
    Buy cheap, buy twice.


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      I had a rivet break on my clutch. Took it to a local shop and had the rivet replaced.

      I should carry a spare clutch. There about $100 a pop.

      Stuff breaks.


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        Never had a rivet break. But I can see a tweaked cable adding drag to the clutch especially on a pull back under no power through the clutch assembly.

        Make sure the clutch is properly adjusted and the drive cone bearing is not bad.

        phoebe it is


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          +1 on clutch adjustment

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        Thanks Rick for your insight, useful and hoped for as your expertise is always welcome.

        As mentioned in my post, and as I was the one using it, I think the cable kink caused one of the jaws to slightly tilt out of alignment because the drive cone guide had been loosened, then tightened successively to get successive kinks through.

        That is, there was still some play so when the clutch was engaged it caused one jaw to tilt out of alignment from the torque of the revolving cable.

        However, I really would like to accurately determine the cause. But, I do intend to scrap the kinked cables.

        Perhaps Ridgid's Service staff can advise? I'm not keen to have to replace the jaw set once more.


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          You could always make a reverse auger out of the kinked cables....


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            phoebe it is


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              Originally posted by PTS View Post
              I think the cable kink caused one of the jaws to slightly tilt out of alignment because the drive cone guide had been loosened, then tightened successively to get successive kinks through.
              Either you had one heck of a dog-leg kink or the clutch was too tight.
              Once I set my adjustment, which is just enough to spin the cable,
              I don't have to touch it during the process of feeding cable.


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                It`s happening to our K-60 way to often. About to find a different machine as I`m tired of ordering new jaws.


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                  Get a Root 66.


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                    Going on 15 months of heavy use and still no issues with my machine.


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                      Originally posted by All Clear Sewer View Post
                      It`s happening to our K-60 way to often. About to find a different machine as I`m tired of ordering new jaws.
                      It's time to learn how to use your machines. Plus the way you have always talked, you never use that "door stop or boat anchor". It's amazing that a tool you never use is a tool that you keep breaking.

                      I've used my k60 thousands of times and have only replaced 1 clutch. and I only replaced it as it no longer would grip 5/8'' but still grip 7/8''.

                      Welcome back.


                      phoebe it is


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                        Now you know why we use it as a Door Stop/Jack Stand/. It`s a total pos. Like I have said 1000 times, "You don`t clean enough sewers if your not braking this cheap orange crap" I have a stack of warn out machines and parts at the end of every year. Now that Kirt left AJ I`m wondering what I`m gonna do for parts.
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                          must be real busy. it took you 14 months to respond to my post. considering i have a collection of 15 sewer machines, the only broken one is the spartan 300. i have 4 k-60's and 2 are still brand new. 1 i retired. and i also have an original k60 suitcase for the museum. 2- k750 including a 12 volt version and 2 k7500. 3-1500. 1-1065 4-k50. 2-general 82 a route 66, a couple general drum machines, a 1.25'' drill cable machine, 5 jetters. so i guess that means i don't clean drains. 41 years of doing nothing.

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                        Call Chris at AJ Colman

                        I keep a K-60 on the truck but only use it on a line I know or have a good feeling about
                        or there's no room for the Dreel.

                        I hate getting stuck or agonizing over a line that the Dreel will power through in a jiffy.
                        There are uses for it, just not that many for me.

                        A lot of it has to do with the local infrastructure, we have a lot of older buildings, ground movement because of the drastic temperature changes here and aggressive trees along with some poor work.

                        I also think the plumbers of old ........... Drank a lot
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                          Yes Rick we are real busy, as always. Busy fixing machines and clearing sewers. Right now my help is busy trying to pull a broken cable. The cables seem to brake all the time now days. Wish they would go back to the old cable with the wire core...ugggg fixitright I called someone at AJ Colman, not sure what his name was. Got another jaw for the K-60 in case my help wants to use it again. I`m now stocking an extra one. Just like the brushes and armachers for the K-7500. I look like a Ridgid parts house anymore. As far as all the crap you have Rick, it just means you waste to much money for a one man I have 2 jetters, one`s really big (much bigger than any of your toys) and one not so big. 1 K-60, 1 K-50, 3 drill machines, 2 380`s that havent been used in like 5 years and 3 K-7500. My machines run 7 days a week when they work. So whats your point of posting how much of what you have when you are only a 1 man shop Rick? I buy my machines to work, not sit in the shop
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