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Purchasing K-60SP soon, have some questions that require on hands-on experience

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  • Purchasing K-60SP soon, have some questions that require on hands-on experience

    I've used drum machines since day one, I know what Gorlitz cables will do/won't do (for the most part). But I have never dealt with these All-Purpose Wind cables before.

    How does the All-Purpose Wind 5/8" cable compare to a 11/16" Gorlitz cable in terms of flexibility, torque capacity (without becoming a pretzel) and so on?

    Is the 5/8" tight-wind about the same as a 5/8" Gorlitz cable?

    I'm trying to decide what I should buy. All I plan on doing is running 2", 3" and 4" lines with the K-60SP and I'm actually thinking that the 7/8" cable might be too bulky, heavy (and also expensive) for what I plan on doing. The roots out here ain't bad, to be honest. It's not like the San Fernando Valley down where I'm at.

    There's no way I can carry a drum machine in my vehicle, so no GO 68, no 1065... sadly, it's just not an option.

    I have been reading great things about this Ridgid K-60SP on here from you guys, it seems like it doesn't quite pack the punch or convenience of the auto-feeding drum machine, but it seems super portable and maybe (I'm guessing) about 75% as effective if you know how to work it, from the sound of it.

    Without the need to drive a 4" cutter through heavy roots, would the 5/8" all-purpose cable be good enough? I'm also interested to know if the 5/8" all-purpose cable can run through 3" p-traps, such as a restaurant floor drain?

    ALSO... would it be possible to get the 5/8" all-purpose cable down a 2" cleanout? The kind that is basically a test-tee with a plug in it?

    Any recommendations are welcome, as well.

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    This is a post that AssTyme should answer.


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        Thanks for the insight, guys. You clearly know your stuff.


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          I'll just use my own judgement. Thanks.


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            The K-60 is a great machine once you get use to it. As for traps, with a little finesse, you can even make it through an 1 1/2" Durham trap but be careful. I only carry a few tight wind cable, the open wind is what makes the K-60 a K-60. I would not use 5/8" in a main line for root. That is where you want to use a 7/8" cable.

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              What Mark said.

              Don't know anything about Gorlitz nor do I use 5/8" cable.

              The K-60 is a light to medium duty machine and only 7/8" cable should be used in a main.

              I carry a K-60 and the Dreel in my truck.

              I don't like problems so when in doubt (at all) the Dreel comes out.

              We have some bizarre traps on occasion here but none that I know of as Durham traps.

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                The 7/8" c10 cable easily navigates 2" cleanouts. Just don't attempt to go through a 2" no hub trap with 7/8" cable. Ask me why I know. 5/8" all day long on 2" laundry and shower traps.

                The Gorlitz 11/16" cable Is not the same as the sectional 5/8" ridgid cables. but then again an 11/16" cable machine can't do what a k50 or k60 with 5/8" cable can do and visa versa.

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                  Thanks for the info, guys. I will feel a lot better spending real money now.