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  • K60 part question

    Just purchased another K60 a month ago since mine was stolen recently off my truck. The stolen one was one a couple months old. When I got my 2nd new machine the motor was shaking when I first tried to use. I discovered the belt was loose and the motor was jumping all around . Guess it was not assembled and tested correctly . I adjusted the belt tension and seems ok now. I used it a few times , then recently I hear a loose part floating around . I found this white nylon nut in the jaw housing. I disassembled the jaw housing and took it out. I looked at the parts list on line and did not see this nylon nut. I was wondering if anyone knows( Rick ) what it is or how it could have gotten in the machine. See picture.

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    I actually found the nut , I think. It's called a Nylon Acorn nut - part # 65787 . Now have to find out where it goes and if it's essential . AJ Coleman sold me the machine. My machine must have been assembled on a Friday at 445 .


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      It all makes sense now. The nylon nut is what was used on the end of the adjusting screw used for tensioning the belt. Basically its used to cushion the bolt from the motor. Chances are it's a factory part, not a local off the shelf hardware store item.

      phoebe it is


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        Thanks Rick . I don't see that nut lasting long on any machine. Do you think I should replace ? I am not sure that the tensioning screw is a big deal if missing . I will call My dealer and have the nut sent. The belt was never assembled correctly from the beginning so now it makes sense.