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Special Jawset for K-60 Inner Core?

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  • Special Jawset for K-60 Inner Core?

    Hi all,

    I'm considering pulling the trigger on purchasing a K-60 and have decided on using an inner-core cable for main drains. On Ridgid's site, it says that the inner core 7/8" cable requires an A-368-X Jawset. Is this not the jawset that comes with the K-60 by default? Just trying to figure out everything I'll need to get started with an inner core cable.

    While I'm writing, is there a favorite site online that you guys get inner core cables from? I see that General Cable may be the best alternative to the elusive Ridgid inner core 7/8" cables.

    Any protips welcome; thank you!

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    the a-369x are for the k1500. the k-60sp does not need another jaw set it runs 7/8 or 5/8 cables marvin


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      Allan J Coleman is the place for the IC cables