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K 60 fixed the homeowners mistake

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  • K 60 fixed the homeowners mistake

    Wish I had pics to show, but easy enough to explain. A young guy with his own business calls and tells me his guest bath main is blocked. Tub, toilet, lav.. nothing drains. So, he tried clearing the clog from the vent with a very thin cable. Alas, he wound up dropping the cable into the vent from the roof. I'm a big fan of jetting, but job 1 on this call was to remove the old cable he lost. I carry the K60 on my truck with the 5/8" open cable. Tried several times to snag the old line with the stock augers, but no luck. I finally broke down and went back to grab my 7/8" inner core cable. I have a love/hate relationship with this cable. Until it rusts, I can't imagine this thing breaking.. BTW, it's not the Ridgid cable with the plastic core, it's the General with the solid wire. Strong, but.. heavy! I have several sections in it's cage and the full cage is a lot. The 5/8" open wind.. nothing.. very light. With the 7/8" cable and retriever, I quickly grabbed onto the dropped cable and pulled it out. It made me chuckle because the thing looked like something for getting a hair clog from a lav or tub, not even close for clearing a main line. The great thing about the K60 is it's portability; no problem using it on the roof. No way to get a drum machine up there. Even though I love to jet, this was a situation where a jetter was the wrong tool for the job.

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    The 5/8'' or 7/8'' with the reverse auger will easily grab the cable. But you have to be careful with 7/8'' in a 2'' vent line if they used vent 90's

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      Luckily, there were no offsets to the bottom of this and the cable could actually be seen from the top without help of a cam. I always use sweeps at the bottom of these stacks; doing service and drain cleaning has steered me away from tight 90's when possible. I see a ton of posts about the reverse auger... This is something you make with an old section, correct? It's not a part I can buy from Ridgid is it? I'm sure the 5/8" was plenty strong enough to pull the cable out, it's just that the wind on the 5/8" auger wasn't open enough to snag the cable and hold it. The 7/8" made a nice mess of the small cable so I could pull it out. Can't tell you why the whole thing didn't slide right down the pipe unless there was an obstruction or caught up on a tight 90 at the bottom. Been away from the forum a while; I do remember a Rick's reverse auger, not sure if this is an official Ridgid part. Maybe it should be if everyone is bending up cables in their shop to make one..