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K-60 making loud noise

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  • K-60 making loud noise

    my k-60 is making a loud kind of popping noise. It?s more noticeable when hitting resistance almost like something?s slipping. Clutch maybe? Any help would be appreciated. Like to get it fixed before it breaks down on the job

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    Could be the clutch, bearings or as simple as the plastic baffle that surrounds the clutch.

    Take the 2 Allen screws out to expose the clutch and baffle. Clutch would be pretty simple to see an issue. Feel the drive pulley and check for wobble and play. If you have either, your bearings are shot.

    There are 2 identical size bearings to replace.

    phoebe it is


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      Figured it out eventually. The shaft that holds the motor in place. The bolt came loose which let the motor drop and the belt slipped off. Frustrating since I was in a basement at 10pm on a call. Should the pulley on the motor shaft be that far out. The set screw that hold the pulley in place also was gone


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        Take the sprocket out and you will see the mark where the set screw originally was. Re-install aligned with the mark with a new set screw.


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          Good idea.... already put it back together and used it a few times. Seems to be working fine. But when I had it apart I pecked on it a few times with hammer and you could tell it wasn?t budging. Didn?t wanna hit it to much and bend the shaft