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K-60 with chain knockers

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  • K-60 with chain knockers

    Want to try and descale 4? cast iron with the k-60 and chain knockers
    my concern is 600RPM won?t be enough with the K-60
    flexshaft seems to spin faster ?

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    You are correct. Descaling takes speed.

    Chain knocker would break up a hard deposits of possibly tile grout. But it's not fast enough for true descaling.

    phoebe it is


    • SewerRatz
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      Editing a comment
      I have been descaling 4" cast iron for 30+ years using Ridgid machines and the old school chain knocker which Rothenberger still makes. Every line I have done looked like new.

      One job that impressed lots of officials and my father was where the city televises home owners lines at no charge. This home had 80 feet of 4" cast iron ran from the house to the parkway that they tried to hydrojet with a 4000PSI US Jetter. The city ran their camera down the line and it looked real bad the scale choked the pipe down to 3" in spots. The city officials was telling the home owner that he needed to replace all the cast iron. Which was why I was called to give an estimate to replace the line. After looking at the video, I explained I could descale the line and make it look as good as new. Everyone was very doubtful, so I said let me run my chain knocker through the line, and we will let the city televise the line. If no one there is satisfied with the results they only have to pay me my trip charge, but if they are satisfied then pay the total invoice.

      After about an hour and a half of running the chain knocker through the line and flushing the line out with large amounts of water (we had them fill the bath tubs, washing machines, sinks, and let them all go at once while flushing the water closets) the city televised the line, and I swear I thought I was in a cartoon with the way the home owner, the city guys all looked as if their jaws had hit the ground. They all were amazed. Ever since, when this city comes across a scaled line they always recommended me to come out with the chain knocker.

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    Just curious if anyone has used the 7/8 cable with chain knocker for drain cleaing? Kind of an expandable cutter after getting the line open??

    With the FlexShaft craze going on wouldn't this be the same thing? I realize it may not be as neat and tidy as a flex shaft but...

    And if speed is the issue just hook it up to a drill. I already use 7/8 with a drill adapter to snake drains (great for roof vents btw) never used a chain knocker (or expandable cutter) yet.