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Homemade cart for k60

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  • Homemade cart for k60

    Made a home made cart for the k60 a few weeks back using an old dolly for a Roto rooter pivot machine (similar to the ridged k3800). Also used some scrap wood and some scrap 3/4 copper and fittings. I didn’t wanna mess with straps so I set the copper tee up so it just slides into the front of the k60. After a few weeks of testing I can confirm it works pretty good. Thought I’d share

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    Just like a 1500 only half the ballz.

    How many feet you got in that reel?


    • Cable or root
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      90’ in the reel, plus a 4ish foot reverse auger. You can fit 105’ in a reel but it’s a big pita and not worth the hassle. 90 doesn’t take any technique or patience to load up. Yes I would love to roll with a k1500 but I’m also content using my boss’s equipment. It gets the job done all the same. I do miss the big sled though.

      I’m actually kind of impressed with the little bastard few months ago I ran 270’ of cable down a cleanout to pop a line open and it did it. To be fair it was an all plastic line blocked with wipes at the very end so it wasn’t like I was tearing roots out with it, and it did struggle, but it still did it.
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