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    Why do some interupptor switches (standard house switches - about 50cents to dollar at HD) not have a ground?

    Is it not good practise to ground everything? For example, when a person intalls a light fixture the fixture is grounded as well as feed inside the junction box. Why wouldn't the switch require a ground?

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    The ground on a switch protects the user from a shock if something fails within the switch allowing a connection to the metal switch frame. This switch frame is the part that attaches the plastic switch to the junction box. Electricity could then conduct through the coverplate screws so a user coming in contact with the screws could receive a shock.

    Some switches have a plastic frame. The only metal parts within the switch are those that are are involved in carrying current. Since the frame is plastic, it cannot become energized so it can't conduct power to the screws, hence no need for a ground.


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      What he said!

      I am impressed that someone knew that one. I have asked many electrical engineers the very same question and they had no idea. Even when I gave them a sample of each to view.



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        thanks! i appreciate your response!