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    Hey guys,

    I have a friend of mine that is wanting to relocate his electric stove in an old house that he is renovating. There isn't a lot of room under the house in the crawl space and it looks like he is going to be about 5 - 10 feet short with his current line to move it to where he wants it. Is is possible to attach on to that line and add ten feet or do you have to run a new line? Thanks in advance.


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    A good electrician can splice on to the existing wiring provided it meets code requirements. In some older installations things were not done to current codes. If that's his case for safety reasons it would be well to start fresh and do things properly. Assuming that what he has meets code, a "pull box" <aka> wiring box that's about 6" x 6" x 4" deep with knockouts could be used along with proper connectors, wire nuts and the like. This is not something for anyone to do unless he/she does know what he/she is doing. Mess it up and you'll have an unsafe mess to deal with.


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      Robert Wilber
      Licensed Philadelphia Electrician
      Philadelphia License # 3516 - 16765
      (LIFE SAFETY WARNING! [disclaimer]
      Electricity is dangerous!
      You can be injured or killed!
      Improper installations can cause fire, injury and death!
      Should you be doing this yourself?)
      It is likely that the existing stove cable has only 2 hots and a concentric neutral.
      If the stove is being relocated, it now has to meet the new requirements for an insulated neutral and separate grounding conductor.
      It will need to have a new cable run all the way back to the panel, as well as install a four-prong receptacle and a four-prong cord set on the range. [It is no longer allowed to direct-wire the range.]
      It is required to remove the frame ground link to the neutral terminal at the stove, as well.
      Licensed Philadelphia electrician
      Philadelphia emergency lighting certification