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Press-in Connectors

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  • Press-in Connectors

    I just read a brief article in The Family Handyman about small press-in wire connectors which are used in place of wire nuts. The illustration shows them with 2, 3, 4 and 5 holes for various applications. Knowing the problems caused by 'back-stabbed' connections in switches and recepticals, I was just wondering how the profession feels about this type of connector. Are they considered to be safe and reliable? On a related note, in a visit to Germany, I observed that most fixture connections are made with screw-in terminal blocks. This seems to be a very practical and secure method for making connections.

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    Re: Press-in Connectors

    In Germany they are working with 230v 50 hz.
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      Re: Press-in Connectors

      The electrician I work with only uses the push in conectors in fixtures. Any junction boxes or switch boxes he still uses wire nuts.


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        Re: Press-in Connectors

        I just replaced a high hat fixture in the master bath. The electrician neglected to install one which was both air tight and insulation compliant as it has the attic above it. The Halo fixture I purchased had the same push in connectors shown in TFH. Their primary benefit appears to be speed and ease of instalation.
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          Re: Press-in Connectors

          I use the "press in connectors" still but only use them on cans. In switchs and junction boxes we use wirenuts since it makes a better connection and you can have more that 4 wires wraped together. I like using them in the cans and they are a solid connection. You have to pull on the connector and twist several times while pulling on a single wire just to get that wire back out.
          Three press in connectors are best suited for a light that won't wiggle a lot.
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            Re: Press-in Connectors

            I have been doing electrical work for 35 years.
            I'll let you know what I think of these "ease of installation" doohickeys when they have been in service for 20 years.
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