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Splicing into existing wiring, sans junction box.

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    Re: Splicing into existing wiring, sans junction box.


    We're lucky here, you are all great guys, very knowledgeable, and fun to "argue" with.

    I apologize for jumping on you. But keep in mind that from the engineers' perspective, for every electrician, machinist, drafter, manufacturing guy, or technician that's easy to deal with, there are ten that know absolutely everything about stress, materials and dynamics and could have done a much better design. Except they never did a real design in their life. And then they do a disappearing act when the stuff has problems. It gets old.

    There are many subtleties and details in every profession that are not obvious to the casual observer. Just like you guys get tired of the guy telling you about concealed boxes, some of us get tired of hearing about what a bunch of clowns we are. Stupid people do generally not get into engineering any more than they get into your world. People are not getting electrocuted left and right. Airplanes are not dropping out of the sky like flies, either. I would say overall we enjoy pretty good levels of competence in this country in these, and many other, professional areas.