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  • Voltage testers

    Has anyone seen any smaller testers being sold anywhere?

    I have one wiggly style tester left so need to get a couple more. I've been keeping my eyes out for them, but they all seem to have gotten too large for me. I want ones that fit comfortable in my back pocket and leave room for a couple screw drivers.

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    Re: Voltage testers

    A great meter that will fit your pocket is the Fluke T-5 choice of 600v60amp, or 1000v 100amp. About $120. Been using them for years without a problem.
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      Re: Voltage testers

      Info on FLUKE T5 series:

      FLUKE T3:


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        Re: Voltage testers

        You talking about a solenoid-type tester?
        There's the Wiggy .. [which I've never personally used]
        Knopp [which I like] makes a nice one, but the leads aren't replaceable
        There is the Ideal [which I use regularly], which has replaceable leads, but is bulky
        These testers have their limits, but can be useful in skilled hands.
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