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Electric Heater - Burnoff

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  • Electric Heater - Burnoff

    Let it be known that if you install new electric heating equipment to expect smoke and a big stink the first time power is applied. The elements have anti rust oil coating on them. Just be sure to have windows open and such. Remove power to smoke detectors and then be sure they are working before you leave. I'm sure many of you have had this happen, but for a customer it can become wild with them calling the fire department. They sure don't need false alarms.

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    Re: Electric Heater - Burnoff

    LOL I just had this same problem at my shop. The shop I rented had a brand new radiant heater that had been installed but not used for about 2 years. When I fired that puppy up it smoked so much that the gal in one of the other units came running in a panic.


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      Re: Electric Heater - Burnoff

      That's when you open windows and doors to air out the place. I installed some new electric baseboard heaters in my basement. When I applied power they really smoked. I had my smoke detector (not connected to alarm) go off. Because I knew what it was, I just opened the outside door and let in some fresh air. Manufactures really should power them up before shipping. Or warn the customer. Anyway, if I get any new ones, I'm doing the burn-off out in my garage with doors wide open.