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Wiring switch for router table

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  • Wiring switch for router table

    I want to mount a switch for my router table. I sell electric supplies, so getting all the wire and such won't be a problem. I want to have two outlets, one to plug my router in to and one to plug in my shop-vac. Then I want that duplex receptacle to go to one switch that turns them both on. So what do I need to do.

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    Re: Wiring switch for router table


    and put a plug in, instead of a light receptacle.

    Use a switch that is rated for the amps of both the router and the vac,

    mount a handy box, on the router table, one for the switch and one for the plugs, or you can use a square 4"x4" box, and mount both in the same box if that is your fancy, take a 14 gage extension cord (usly cheaper) and cut off the receptacle plug end,(not the prongs) and run the black wire to the switch and off the switch, and leave the white to white and ground the box with the green and then continue the ground to the plug box, ground it as well as the plug, and then the black to the dark terminal and the white to the brass, or light colored one, use switch cover and receptacle covers, on the box, you and fasten the cord to the boxes with romex clamps,

    first picture is of a combination switch plug cover, then the mounting ring for the 4x4 box, and then the 4x4 box then a romex clamp, and last is a handy box, which about 2"x4" if using the handy box route for a different location for the plugs, you would need 2 of them, one for the switch and one for the plug in.
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      Re: Wiring switch for router table

      You will find illustrated in this attachment
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