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    IN some states it is perfectly legal to do your own electrical work in the house you live in. You can take out what is called a "homeowners" permit. The terms are specific about doing this, yet hardly enforceable. For example you want to wire a new addition on your house, you apply for a homeowners permit, but you have your brother-in-law who is an apprecntice electrician do the work. Sounds good, he does the job for a case of beer so the price is RIGHT. The problem is that violates the conditions of the permit. You may NOT know the first thing about electricity, but YOU must be the one doing the work!! not your brother-in-law. In some caes the building inspector will quiz the applicant for the homeowners permit and if he thinks you don't know enough, he can refuse the permit to you. This is rarely done though. In some cases one gets the permit, does the work, then calls for an inspection. The inspector comes and tells you that you did just about everything wrong, but he doesn't tell you how to do it right, so you get fustrated and call a pro in. The pro sees what you did and has a field day on you undoing all your mistakes and doing it right. He doesn't want to use any of your materials because he won't guarentee anything. You pay twice. Moral of the story, know what your are doing or call a pro!! The chances that one can do their own electrical work according to code is slim. Lou

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    Re: Pro/diy Electrical Wiring

    In some states, there is no licensing except by occasional local municipalities.
    In some places in PA and NY ANYBODY can do electrical work as a contractor, as there is no licensing or permitting involved!
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