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Any microwave experts here?

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  • Any microwave experts here?

    Thought I"d toss this in in case anyone has any microwave experience. I have an older gas range/oven/microwave combo from the late '70s from Mont. Wards. Lately, the mw makes a poping sound when running. Reminds me of far away fireworks or machine gun fire in the distance. It's not the cooling fan, it runs fine. Sometimes it does it, sometimes not. Any ideas?

    I cleaned off the model number and found this inside. KTM 3389-87/79X03170-29254895 C
    Did some Google searching but came up empty.

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    Re: Any microwave experts here?


    I'm no expert! But from my experience with a couple of microwaves over the years, the popping could be a couple of things.

    First, can you rule out that the popping is simply expansion or contration as the object being microwaved it being heated? This can be an often occurance and sometimes I'll hear a "pop" that will actually jar the microwave's rotating glass plate. Considering that you are only recently noticing problem, I doubt it's the problem, but I thought I should mention it.

    Second, if you look into the vented areas with a flash light, how dusty does everything appear. At more than 30 years old, even the cleanest evironment will have a build-up that may be shorting.

    Similarly, seals could be deteriorated and possibly leaking, allowing dangerous microwaves to be toasting other components and eventually the operator! Microwaves cook by emitting RF energy at ultra high frequency. In good working order, the appliance is design to contain these microwaves within the oven area. Should things deteriorate, the microwave's ability to do that may be questionably dangerous.

    At almost 30 years old, the microwave has probably lived beyond it's intended life. You could have a local appliance repair center take a look at it, but it would probably cost you more for the service call, than a small microwave would cost. Too bad it's an all-in-one appliance, as I know you'd probably not want to replace the whole thing.

    Microwaves can be dangerous. Trying to service them yourself is not recommended as you're dealing with some high voltages, and microwaves themselves can cause the user searious damage, especially to eyes and other tender body tissues, if the entire assembly isn't properly re-assembled and everything properly sealed against microwave leakage.

    Again, I'm not anywhere close to being an expert about this, but I think NOT taking risks is a necessary consideration.

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      Re: Any microwave experts here?

      Thanks CWS....The smart side of me says it's way past it's prime. The cheap side of me says fix it! LOL For now, I think a stand alone will be fine.

      Update! My wife just told me her folks want to buy us a new MW for our birthday! Soooooo, I'll be moving out the old stove/range unit and buying a new one and then build in the new MW under the upper cabinet after we get it. Things have a way of working out.
      Congratulations to Mr. "the sky is falling" Al Gore, nominated the new Village Idiot!