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    What does a crimping and cutting tool do?

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    Re: Electrical tools

    Cuts wire, Usually includes stripper to remove insulation and the crimper installs wire ends like lugs or spade connectors.
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      Re: Electrical tools

      thyanks for the imfo.papadan


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        Re: Electrical tools

        So can a crimmper replace a wire stripper?


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          Re: Electrical tools

          A crimper alone won't eliminate the need for a stripper, but usually the crimper/ stripper tool will do all three -- cut, strip, crimp. Klein's or GB.
          I keep a side cutter or diagonals, a separate stripper, along with a cutter/stripper/crimper in my pouch because each does a specific job BEST. I also have a cable ripper, a cable cutter, a lineman's or (Klein's as many Sparkies refer to them), and an end nipper or end cutter with me. Now are you thoroughly confused? The more you do electrical, the more specialized tools you end up buying because you find certain ones do a better job, and they do it quicker. When you're working for customers, time is money, so you want to go as quickly as possible and still do the best job you can. I also have miniature stuff (needle nose and side cutters) for tiny electronic stuff and for telephone. If you've got more questions, ask again, most of us are here to help and answer questions, not make fun of people.
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            Re: Electrical tools

            first are very brave to ask such a question here and not get beat up!
            I applaud the gang here for taking your question seriously and answering you with real information...

            There are a myriad of crimper type tools the most common you will see is
            the yellow handle black multi-purpose type crimper.
            They are under a variety of brand names, Champ, time motion tools , amp, etc.

            You can see these at Home Depot, Lowe's , Ace Hardware and run from five to 15 dollars.

            These tools are very handy. They can:
            1. cut wire..
            2. cut small bolts 4-40 through 10-24
            3. strip insulation off the wire...22-10 gauge
            4. crimp insulated, blue, yellow

            The instructions that come with a new crimper are limited. It's sad that the schools today do not offer a class on how to use tools!
            I once lectured at a local JR. College discussing medical electronics and ended up spending an hour discussing how to use proper hand tools...
            I explained things as simple as how to properly hold a screwdriver, honest!

            There are also many specialty crimper tools...from plumbing to specialty types like those for the compression type 'F' [tv cable] connectors

            A new trend is to make ratchet type crimpers available for the weekend warrior, via Harbor freight or griot's garage. These are very good but can be dangerous if you are not careful.

            I hope this helped

            Cactus Man


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              Re: Electrical tools

              Something like the KLEIN #1000, 1001 or 1002 is very handy for someone that wants one tool that does many jobs. It's not the best for any one job, but it may be good enough for your needs. Each of the above is slightly different depending on just what you need it to do. One of them costs way less than having say 6 or more specialized tools. The more advanced your work, the more you'll end up spending big $$$ for the really great tools. Something like this one is a good starting tool.

              Update: Check at an electrical supply distributor. Don't fool around at the Big Box dumps. Their selection is a joke.
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                Re: Electrical tools

                Thanks guys