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Wire damage question

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  • Wire damage question

    Have 2 guage aluminum wire in PVC conduit run out to a detached garage that I just knocked down and am in the process of building a new garage. Was planning on reusing the wire but I noticed a knik in the aluminum wire jacket. The aluminum wire is just slightly showing thru the jacket. I put some electrical tape on the wire to seal it and cover it up so it wont corrode, but Im not sure If I should reuse this wire any longer? There is no extra wire on either end so I would have to repull the 2 guage aluminum wire if I want to fix it. Is this something I need to repull before I put it back into service?

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    Re: Wire damage question

    Robert Wilber
    Licensed Philadelphia Electrician
    Philadelphia License # 3516 - 16765
    The purpose of the metallic conductor is to carry the electrons where you want them.
    The purpose of the <plastic, rubber, whatever material> insulation is to keep the electrons from leaking where you don't want them.
    If the damaged section of cable will be accessible after the installation is complete [not inside a pipe] AND the conductor material [the metal wire] is not damaged so as to reduce size [because of nicks, scrapes, etc.] of the conductor or create an electrical stress point AND you can restore the insulation value at the damaged area to that of the original covering material [with adequate application of sufficient quantities of proper tape or other approved materials], then it would be acceptable to reuse the pre-existing conductors without replacement.
    If the conductor material is damaged so as to reduce the amount of current it can carry, you might also consider the option of protecting it with a smaller overcurrent device.
    Alternatively, if the cable end will be accessible where the damage is located, you might cut the one cable back and splice a piece on the end. [Hire this out to someone with crimp tools or use a split bolt connector] Maybe there is enough exposed conduit to cut the raceway back and install a JB, where you could make a splice.
    Licensed Philadelphia electrician
    Philadelphia emergency lighting certification


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      Re: Wire damage question

      Thanks for the reply,

      Ive taped it up good and the damage to the conductor itself I think is very very slight. Im going to put a breaker on that is half the original size to protect it until I have the ability to replace it. I will never even come close to using even half the rated power for the line so I think I should be ok.