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Adding a extra panel to the shop?

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  • Adding a extra panel to the shop?

    Hi all.I would like to find out from some of the electricians in the forum how best to run a separate fuse panel out to the shop.The cable wouldn't have to be buried as it is all indoors.I seem to keep adding a extra 110V/220V circuit all the time to the shop and every time I do I have to run it from the main fuse panel located at the other end of the building.With the present price of copper wiring,it starts to get a tad $$$$.I would rather mount another fuse panel in the shop and run my all circuits from there.I should have done this years ago but that's what happens when you gradually start amassing tools over time.The question is,what type of wiring is required to run to the main panel or would it be taken from the main breaker itself?What are the legalities of doing this oneself or is that a question for the local municipal officials?

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    Re: Adding a extra panel to the shop?

    I am not a pro. However, I added a 30 amp subpanel to my detached garage. Needed a double pole 30 amp breaker in the main panel and used 10/3 uf wire for the run to the garage. Buried the uf cable, without conduit, 2 feet deep. Set up a ground bar separate from the neutral bar in the new sub panel, bring the two hot legs from the 30 amp breaker in the main panel into the new subpanel, attach the neutral wire to the main panel neutral bar and run to the subpanel neutral bar and attach the ground wire from the main panel ground bar to the new subpanel ground bar. Add breakers and you are ready to go. If you need more power, step up to 60 amp. Same procedure only the 10/3 becomes 6/3. I'm assuming your main service is at least 100 amp. If not, check into upgrade through a pro. And I had a pro friend file the install and check me out before backfilling trench. Three years later, all is well.
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