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Adding a extra panel to the shop?

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  • Adding a extra panel to the shop?

    Hi all.I would like to find out from some of the electricians in the forum how best to run a separate fuse panel out to the shop.I seem to keep adding a extra 110V/220V circuit all the time to the shop and every time I do I have to run it from the main fuse panel located at the other end of the building some 80ft away.With the present price of copper wiring,it starts to get a tad $$$$ with these long runs of wiring.I would rather mount another fuse panel dircetly in the shop and run my all circuits from there.I should have done this years ago but that's what happens when you gradually start amassing tools over time.The question is,what type of wiring is required to run to the main panel or would it be taken from the main breaker itself?What are the legalities of doing this oneself or is that a question I should be asking local municipal officials?

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    Re: Adding a extra panel to the shop?

    You can do it yourself but (not to be demeaning) it does not sound like you have the knowledge to do this safely. I would suggest you ask a buddy with more experience or hire a pro and pull a permit to make sure it is inspected and passes for safety and insurance reasons. How much power do you need in the garage?
    For a typical shop I find that AWG 8-3 on a 40A breaker from the main panel is plenty of power. If you have electric heat and other larger tools like 5HP compressor, 3+ HP table saw, 3+ HP dust collector then you would step up to AWG 6-3 with a 60A breaker.


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      Re: Adding a extra panel to the shop?

      As a homeowner one normally can do there own work, one is still to follow the rules, do the permit, having it inspected, and so on.

      Adding a panel is not difficult, but there are a number of items one needs to do to follow code, the Code was written by the NFPA Nation fire protection association, the (Code is up dated ever three years), some jurisdictions do not up grade there codes automatically, but most do.
      The rules of the Code are to insure your safety and those who may follow you in that building.

      To go through the wide range of possibilities that may or may not affect the installation is basically beyond a few posts,

      A book that has helped me when I first started is, (my first copy of this was over 35 years ago), and it has been up dated to keep up with the current codes,
      "Wiring Simplified" is a condensed version of the above book,
      I do recommend the full version

      I will post this Google search on "sub panels" as well so one can get some back ground,
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