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    I know they make em . I am looking for a product that turns on my vac when i pull the trigger on my saw. Where can i buy one and how hard are they to install ? I am no where near elctrically inclined lol. If the instructions are cut and dry i will do the work myself. If it calls for any more than that ill call my electrician .

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    You are looking for an automatic power switch. Sears sells one for around $20. Sears item no. 00924031000, model no. 24031. It is super easy to use. Plug it into a wall outlet, plug the activating tool, e.g., your saw, into the apropriate receptacle on the switch and plug your vacuum, with its on/off switch in the "on" position, into the appropriate outlet on the switch. When the saw is activated, the vacuum is activated. There is even a second outlet on the switch for a second tool to be activated, such as a light, when the saw is activated. I have had one for a few years and it is great.
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