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  • power tool safety switch

    After building a router table, I would like to install a switch that would allow me to turn off the router in a jiffy in case a workpiece does something nasty or I am in any immediate danger (and so i dont have to bend down to turn it on). I really like this one from rockler:

    The only problem is that it costs a fortune to ship it to Canada. Does anyone know where i might purchase a similar online (CDN store) or retail (I am currently in the GTA)?

    In the past i have made a switch for my router table, but it is simply an interruptor (aka light switch) attached to an outlet and is not easy to hit with a leg or hip in case of emergency.
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    Re: power tool safety switch

    There is a foot operated one at LV
    I would also stop in at Victoria Park and Gordon Baker, around that intersection you have Sayal Electronics (3791 Vic Park) Active Electronics (3790 Vic Park) and Electrosonic (1100 Gordon Baker)


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      Re: power tool safety switch

      Sears has a deadman foot switch for about $19 IIRC.

      Update: Well, maybe not, I just looked on the Craftsman webs ite and didn't find it.

      Anyway, you can buy them from many places, here's one with an average price and typical of most of the switches you'll find out there.

      Woodcraft, Rockler, and others probably have the same darn switch at roughly the same price.
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        Re: power tool safety switch

        Try this at Busy Bee. I think you have at least 2 in the GTA.


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          Re: power tool safety switch

          RATS! that was exaclty what i was looking for a few months ago. I have since built my own. Thanks for the link though, i'll save the link for future purchases!


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            Re: power tool safety switch

            Any (newer)European workshop machine must have an emergency stop switch like the one you describe. How about looking at spares lists for "Bosch", or other European maufacturer? Just a thought!
            It could also be an idea for "Ridgid" to sell this type of switch for retro fitting on older machines, perhaps with a built in "holding circuit relay" for added safety.