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Commercial kitchen outlets

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  • Commercial kitchen outlets

    I wanted to know if it is code where each outlet has to be independent to the panel. And Also does each outlet have to be labeled??

    Thx in advance

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    Re: Commercial kitchen outlets

    for commercal kitchen repcaitles [ outlets ] it will depending on what appalince it will be on IMO it will be wise idea to run indepent if you are expecting very high power stuff there and also make sure you have it on gfci repectale or breaker depending on the area.

    you can label the repectale cover for which breaker it goes but not all place done that so it willbe nice if it was labeled there.

    my past experince with commercal kitchen repectailes circuits normally i run 20 amp circuits with 20 amp repectailes devices either gfci repectale or plain face type depending on where it runs [ you may have to check with your local codes they may have more addments to the codes so check it out ]

    Merci , Marc