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  • Need help locating this product

    While this is more electronics than electrical, I think this is the place to ask where the right people come.

    I'm trying to find a good source of Belden 8899 Test Lead wire in 18 gauge copper but in colors other than the common black and red. I know it's made in several colors, but the problem is where to find it for sale. Can any of you come up with a good distributor-dealer for it? Belden customer service gave me names of some distributors but they have no idea of just what the stock or keep in stock.

    Here is some info about this product.
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    Re: Need help locating this product

    just plug Belden 8899 Test Lead in the search box.
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      Re: Need help locating this product

      Thanks Bob

      I tried several other big electronics parts distributors and all they have is black and red. I'll give Newark a try soon. My real problem is not wanting to buy 5000 feet reels of each color. If I wanted that much, I'm sure any distributor for Belden would gladly order it for me.


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        Re: Need help locating this product


        Newark had most, but not all of what I wanted. I found the rest at another big distributor so by ordering from both I'll be all set soon.

        In addition I found (by searching) a company that makes custom test leads that claims they will sell whatever someone needs for making their own. I plan to contact them soon (when open) as they may be a big help and save me the work of having to make up stuff here. It would be nice if they had them ready made up and they just may have most of them.