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Ceiling Fan making noise

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  • Ceiling Fan making noise

    I have a ceiling fan making a humming noise. The fan and light seems to work fine however I would like to stop the noise. Could this be due to the wiring?

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    Re: Ceiling Fan making noise

    Do you have a variable speed control instead of an on off switch?
    These will make some fans buzz.


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      Re: Ceiling Fan making noise

      you may also have the ceiling fan decorative cover touching the ceiling. The motor of a [cheap] ceiling fan will hum it's simply its design. The hum will be amplified and mechanically linked via other metal parts.

      If you touch the outer section and place a bit of pressure on it, does the hum stop or change level?
      If so you may be able to reduce/eliminate the hum but adjusting your mounting of the ceiling fan.

      You can adjust the decorative outer ring so it does not touch the ceiling. You can verify the ceiling fan mounting bracket is tight and secure. this also means ensuring your mounting to the ceiling and/or box it tight and secure.

      Other causes of ceiling fan noise can be blades out of balance, a bad speed control, just being a really cheap fan! There is a significant difference between a $49.00 ceiling fan and a $149.00 ceiling fan; and mark up is not the only thing. The higher end fans do have a better quality and quieter motor.

      good luck and let us know what you ended up doing.

      Cactus Man