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Safety Issue - Generators From China

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  • Safety Issue - Generators From China

    While this is about the Wildfire Generators which are made in China, there are other similar brands and models made over there that have the same or similar issues. It pays to check them out carefully. I have found all the Chinese made portable generators and small engines that I have seen to be pretty crappy machines. I strongly recommend people NOT buy them.

    This .PDF file shows wiring errors. Now why can't they test products before shipping them? Oh yea, it would require time and MASTER is super greedy. So much so that safety doesn't matter. All that matters to MASTER is making loads of money off us in the USA that are foolish enough to buy this crap in the first place.

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    Re: Safety Issue - Generators From China

    Wow and they are going to give the old lady who bought it for emergencys $20 to hire an electrician to fix it. Maybe she should ship it back to the factory and have them do it there instead.

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