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Mains electric in bathroom

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  • Mains electric in bathroom

    I was wondering if anyone knew the regulations concerning fuse boxes in bathrooms? My edwardian house has mains electric supply through the smallest bedroom upstairs which I have turned in to a bathroom. Do I need to get it moved or can I seal it off?
    Advice would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Mains electric in bathroom

    and i see that your a builder, hummmmm. not to be mean and if you bother to look at my other posts you will know that i'm not, but the frist thing that came to my mind after reading you post was "here's your sign" than eletric and water doesn't play well with one another.
    9/11/01, never forget.


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      Re: Mains electric in bathroom

      not to current code,
      NEC 2005, Article 230.70(A)(2). Service disconnecting means shall not be installed in bathrooms.

      ARTICLE 240 - Overcurrent Protection
      240.24 Location in or on Premises.
      (E) Not Located in Bathrooms

      Definition of bathroom : any area including a basin with one or more of the following, toilet, a tub, or a shower.
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        Re: Mains electric in bathroom

        Being a builder, you should have at least one electrician that knows the NEC code.

        WEather you can leave as is or not depends on a few things such as a repair or a total remodel etc....

        What did your inspector say???

        However as OSC said, this is not a good idea,,,, just common sense

        Not trying to come down hard on you by the way, but I got a feeling you already know the answer.



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          Re: Mains electric in bathroom

          The service can NOT be located in a bathroom or closet. There are no exceptions.


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            Re: Mains electric in bathroom

            that true but it was ok in old days per very old NEC codes i think they change that way back in 60's but i dont have the excat year they did change that.

            may have to check with the inspector for " grandfather " clause to invoke the sisuation you have.

            normally anytime any remodeling going on the home and expect to factor in with the exsting breaker/fuse box have to reloacted to other area.

            not only it will meet the NEC codes but also the POCO with thier service system [ over the years they change the code along the way ]

            Merci, Marc