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Greenlee GT-11 tester

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  • Greenlee GT-11 tester

    Well I have no explanation as to why it has taken me so long to buy one of these gadgets!
    Usually I would pull out the good old multimeter and measure to determine if a wire or circuit is live [hot].

    I was watching Holmes on Holmes [Mike Holmes] and he was showing some outrageous wiring and the fact it was exposed and hot.

    I said " I gotta get one of those things"!
    Now I did see the other brands but I like the GT-11 as it uses 2 AAA batteries instead of those dreaded button batteries.

    Ok, here are my questions:

    1. how does this thing work? sensing AC voltage without touching it? I suspect it has
    something to do with near field inductive pick up.

    2. I turned the thing on and rubbed my finger across the yellow plastic tip and the tester
    beeped. I was not sure what happened and did it several times. I am suspecting some
    sort of static field from rubbing the yellow plastic? Or I just have an electrifying

    This is a clever tool and should really be in everyone's tool bag.

    Cactus Man

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    Re: Greenlee GT-11 tester

    They are a clever tool and have their uses. They sense frequency you can test them usually by running it across your chest.

    They can be unreliable. I have one in my bag and use it to test if a wire is live. Because it does not show as live to a tick tester does not mean it is dead however.

    If I need to work on wiring I never depend on the tick tester to test for voltage. I always use a regular pair of wiggy's.


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      Re: Greenlee GT-11 tester

      The work by sensing the electric field around the circuit.
      I have the Greenlee and 2 others. They are very handy for quick checks, but I usually check the circuit with a tester.


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        Re: Greenlee GT-11 tester

        I prefer a wiggy or a DVM and do a Live-Dead-Live check to make sure the tester or meter is working before I trust my life to it.
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          Re: Greenlee GT-11 tester

          I uses a Fluke pen to do the circuit finding out with my furry little paw I know mines taken a beating and still works...I uses it to do a quick trouble shoot on the line voltage side...voltage here, here and here.....

          Tuesday I picked up a Uei pen voltage detector...detects down to 12 volts...but Im still playing with the sensativity adjustment...too low and it beeps at anything...


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            Re: Greenlee GT-11 tester

            Remodelled my sons bathroom a while back and found out the hard way that the vanity light was switched on the neutral side. Saw that Holmes on Homes show a couple months ago and he was using one of those. Went out and bought one for myself. It does work like a charm.
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              Re: Greenlee GT-11 tester

              Noncontact testers "tic testers" do not replace voltmeters and voltmeter do not replace "tick testers" they are different tools with unique capabilities.


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                Re: Greenlee GT-11 tester

                I have one and love it! Very useful!