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    Building some bookshelves with 1/4 inch ply back. The wall that it is going up against, has a single gang electrical outlet. I've cut the opening for it, but now the outlet is recessed in the opening and I would like to have it flush against the inside of the bookcase (like it is on the drywall). I went to HD last night, but the guy tried to sell me a low voltage contraption, that looked like it may have worked, but couldn't see how to apply it. In his attempt to explain, he confused myself and another orange apron. Then he gave me a PVC extension, but it's almost 2 inches in depth. I just need to bring it out maybe 1/2 inch.

    There has to be an easier way. I can't be the only one who has come across this. The outlet is your normal 110v residential, new construction (about 3 years old). Behind the face plate, the outlet sits in a tannish, plastic box.


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    Re: Single Gang Extension...

    Skip HD, Menards, Fleet Farm, Lowes, etc. Go to your phone book, look up electrical supplies in the yellow pages. Pick one and go there. They have a selection of box extensions that will work for you. I've had to modify some a little bit with a 41/2 inch angle grinder and a cut off disk to fit exactly how I wanted it. Remember that the point of the box is to completely protect the wiring inside and also to keep combustibles, like your wooden bookcase, from coming into contact IF you have heat generated in that box, due to arc fault, etc. So when you put your cover plate on, there is no wood from the outside rim exposed to the wiring in the box. Good luck.
    Jim Don


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      Re: Single Gang Extension...

      The extenstion you have will work.
      It adjust in to what you need. Try it, you will like it!!!
      It is made by arringtion, and is blue right?