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Ground wire to Subpanel

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  • Ground wire to Subpanel

    I am running four wires (black, red, white and green) from the main panel to a subpanel in my new shed. The black and red wires each carry 120v, the white is neutral. The green is ground). My question is: do I tie the green wire to the subpanel box (chassis) or tie it to the neutra? Thanks.

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    Re: Ground wire to Subpanel

    There should be a ground bus , or strip, that is attached to the box. The green wire.

    The neutral buss strip is isolated from the box, The white wire goes there,

    The in the sub panel the neutral and ground are NOT to be bonded

    Some times you may need to buy the ground bus as an extra, depending on the brand of box,

    below will give you a basic Idea,
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