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How to Keep Svc Panel "Neat"

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  • How to Keep Svc Panel "Neat"

    Curious as to how you organize a svc panel. I am feeling cramped even thou it's a 200 AMP 42 space panel. I'm guessing no one wants to make one fit a 22 -1/2" space. Main problem is I'm guessing that GFCI & AFCI breakers are an "afterthought" and so the extra space they take up hasn't been taken into acct. I can barely get them to clip in. It seems really stupid that the length of these breakers causes them to cover the neutral/ground bars. PITA

    Do you unroll those white pigtails on them? Do you cut the pigtails shorter and straighten them out flat. (I don't like the idea of cutting in case you need to relocate $30 breaker later)

    What about white neutrals & bare grounds? I try to always put the white neutral in the bar and the corresponding bare copper next to it so It's easier to locate them if I need to change a cable.

    Tips or advice appreciated. Thanks.