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What size breaker for 2 different saws ???

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  • What size breaker for 2 different saws ???

    I have a Ridgid TS3650 table saw and Grizzly 17" bandsaw. Both are capable of running on 120 or 240V. I have decided to run them on 240V. The table saw pulls 6.5 amps on 240V and the bandsaw pulls 10 amps on 240V. Grizzly recommends a 15 amp breaker for the bandsaw. I will be wiring up a dedicated outlet (off of the service panel) for these saws and only one saw will be running at any one time.

    What gauge wire should I use and what size breaker should I use? If I used a 15 amp breaker to cover the bandsaw requirements, would this be OK for the table saw?


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    Re: What size breaker for 2 different saws ???

    I would use #12 copper wire to be on the safe side regarding Voltage drop when starting the motor on either saw. A 2 pole 15 Amp circuit breaker should work for either and you'll be hard pressed to find one rated under 15 Amps. You'll want to have one hot wire black and the other red. You can use red electrical marking tape over the ends of the white wire for this. The bare wire is for ground. Check the plug on the band saw power cord if it has one. If you need to, change both plugs to NEMA 6-15 and install a 6-15 or 6-20 receptacle. If there's a chance you might want to run both saws or find it a PITA to keep having to unplug one saw and plug in the other, run 2 circuits and install 2 receptacles. Actually with the band saw having a 2 HP motor, I would think it would pretty much come setup for 240 Volts. On 120 it would need a private 30 Amp circuit.