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A/C Smoke Alarms Interconnect?

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  • A/C Smoke Alarms Interconnect?

    Not sure how a A/C smoke alarm energizes the Red interconnect of the 14-3 that runs between them. Is it OK to "octopus" a few cables from one or more of the ceiling boxes in order to save the amount of wire it would take to make a simpler "chain". Or does it have to be one cable in one cable out between each alarm?

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    Re: A/C Smoke Alarms Interconnect?

    You can take mutliple wires from one box. Biggest concern is to make certain how many cubic inches the box is you are using and not put too many wires into it. The red is only a live wire when the signal goes off, and it works basically like any other switch leg.



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      Re: A/C Smoke Alarms Interconnect?

      Make sure you keep the smoke alarm the same brand and also just remind you some state will required smoke alarm on the AFCI and some state dont want the AFCI circuit at all.

      [ this part you may want to check with your local office for latest info because the 08 code cycle is getting up to the speed and some states allready adopted the 08 code and some are still on 05 or older verison.]

      also some area reqired to be on delacated circuit and some on lighting circuit so check that one as well.

      Merci, Marc